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What is SEO?

April 9th, 2012

Search engine optimization or SEO plays an important role in online marketing. Search engine optimization means using content that is sure to attract the eye of the audience and make them come to the website. By using keywords that have more chance to be searched, you too can make your website a traffic magnet. The best way to attract traffic is by providing in-depth information that is useful and dynamically written. Your aim is to bring your website in the top of search engine results when a customer searches for a particular matter that is related to the content in your site. Search engine optimization and blogging particularly go hand-in-hand because search engine spiders at Google and Yahoo are looking for certain things while ranking pages. The more pages of useful, keyword-rich content a website has, the more favorable that page will fare in the search engine results.

Blogging helps as to keep your page at the top of google, the spiders need constant fresh content. So updating your blog at least ones a week feeds the little suckers. :D

By using the power of social media to your advantage is also a wise strategy that can be employed for online marketing SEO. Social media marketing can be linked to your website and blog to create online chatter and increase the chances of your site getting viewed. Publishing press releases on other web sites and exchanging links with other industry leaders (like builders, housing organizations, etc) are other invaluable Internet marketing SEO techniques. If you are too busy to update your site with attractive content, it may be a good idea to hire a professional online marketing seo expert to do this for you.